How to Buy the Right Size Watch for Your Wrist

How to Buy the Right Size Watch for Your Wrist

August 12, 2018

Imagine this scenario.


You're on a date or you're at work and someone asks you the time. As you raise your wrist, we see a watch that is way too big to be on your wrist. It looks oversized, bulky, and just flat out terrible on your wrist.


You tell yourself that you paid for it.


You come up with this excuse to justify keeping the watch instead of admitting that you've made a huge mistake!

It is human nature to find pleasure in seeing design in proper ratios. Something about it brings a sense of balance in the mind. When you need to feel good, you need to dress well. And that means having a well-sized accessory.

Today, we go over the top 3 things to consider for watch size when getting the right size watch before you decide to make a purchase you'll regret.

 Generally speaking, a smaller wrist means a smaller watch. A larger wrist means a larger watch. We will break that down into 5 different elements to consider.


Watch Case Diameter


This one is a given. Typically a watch size will state its size from the range of 34 mm to 46 mm. Anything above 46 mm is extravagant and anything below 38 mm slides into women's watches.

Watches that are 34 mm to 36 mm are best for wrists at 6 inches or less.

38-42 mm can be worn by those with wrists at 6-7 inches.

44-46 mm can be worn by those with wrists at 7 inches and above. 

Don't know your wrist size? There's a little known trick where you can use a US dollar bill to measure your wrist. A dollar is 6 inches in length. Wrap the dollar bill around your wrist and if it meets end to end, you have a 6 inch wrist circumference.

6 to 7 inch wrists can wear watches with diameter cases of 34 mm, 36 mm, 38 mm, 40 mm.


Watch Band Width


The watch band width is typically half the size of the size of the watch diameter.

This means that a 40 mm watch will have a strap size of 20 mm.

If you are every looking to replace your watch with a different strap, you will now know the general rule for strap size. If you want to make sure, you can determine what the length of the band will be with the lug width.


Watch Case Thickness


In the past, when mechanical watches were popular, the thinner watch typically showed a form of higher quality. With the rise of quartz watches, this is no longer the case.

The general rule is the thickness of the watch gets larger with the diameter of the watch.

The thickness of the case will typically be properly proportioned with your wrist when you determine which watch case diameter you want to go with.


At the End of the Day


They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. These are general guidelines used to help you find the watch that you can be happy with when you first put it on. If you have a preference for larger watches or smaller watches and you know that, go for it. Confidence is key here and you ultimately want to get something that you will be proud to wear.

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